5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Nortel Business Phone System to Avaya

When Nortel Networks collapsed in 2009, an enormous number of clients across the North America pondered what might happen to their interest in the Norstar technology. By then, both large and small businesses were utilizing the Nortel VOIP business telephone system to integrate their communications. The potential loss of support and foundation was exceptionally stressing.

All that changed with the aquisition of Nortel by Avaya, and clients now have the opportunity to consistently update Nortel systems to the new IP Office.

Here are the fundamental reasons why you ought to consider this:

Reason #1: Age of the System

If your Nortel system is over three years old, it is more than likely that it is less efficient than it was to begin with. If it’s several years older than that, there’s a solid plausibility that both the equipment and programming are obsolete and never again upheld, so you can expect downtime eventually. There’s no incentive in holding up until the point when the system gives out totally – truth be told, by overhauling ahead of time you can do it in stages and save money.

Reason #2: Cost Savings

Maximizing the productivity of your business is all about getting the best profit for whatever assets you invest in. So if a new technology can save you time and money, your expenses go down and profitability goes up. On the off chance that you update Nortel to our new IP Office business telephone system while your handsets are still in usable condition, you might have the capacity to continue utilizing the telephones and replace them on an “as needed” basis. On the other hand, you can provide sophisticated users with new telephones, while keeping the old ones as reinforcement or for staff who have less requirement for them. This enables you to protect up to 60% of your original investment, while gaining the advantages of the new technology.

Reason #3: Business Growth

In the event that your company is growing, your business telephone system should have the capacity to develop with it. By updating now to the new Avaya VOIP arrangement, you can interface 5 to 1,000 users in upwards of 32 location – all at a significantly lower cost. If you’re wanting to remain in business for the following 5 to 10 years, you have to invest in the long haul to guarantee that technology doesn’t leave you in the past.

Reason #4: Increased Mobility

In addition to squeezing the last drops of life from your handsets, in the event that you upgrade Nortel, now you can get the advantage of enhanced mobility based on technology that essentially wasn’t accessible when the Norstar business telephone system was developed. The integration of mobile devices with every aspect of business life requires a system that can deal with a scope of various “reach” numbers for your employees – from their smart phones to their tablets, office voice mail to their email, Skype telephone to home telephone. With IP Office’s capacity to “follow” it doesn’t make a difference where your employee is – the phone call will find them. On the off chance that your business relies on upon the agility of your communications system, at that point upgrading is a must.

Reason #5: Video Conferencing

We’re a great deal more travel-savvy nowadays than we were several years ago. Where you once barely batted an eyelash at the prospect of jumping on a plane to go to a conferance in another city, you’re much more likely now to consider connecting electronically from the comfort of your own office. One explanation behind this is that it’s not possible – back then you could connect people in two or three locations for a video conference, nowadays it is sometimes necessary to connect people from several different locations. If you’ve experienced this type of scenario, then upgrading Nortel to a new business phone system is vital.

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The Benefits of Avaya IP Office for Small Businesses

In this time of globalization, you will see new organizations developing from time to time. There are many organizations that have grasped the market with solid roots. These organizations are symbols of power, however one ought to never deprecate the ability of a start-up, as it might turn into the new rising star, even in a profoundly focused market.

This is the time of advanced innovation. Today, no business can consider expanding without having a dynamic telecommunication system. Since, telecommunication systems have turned out to be quite expensive, it can be difficult for a small business to keep up with the bills and hardware requirements. To help solve the telecommunication issues faced by small firms, the internet has effective communication systems available around the world. Each business, regardless of whether large or small, would thus be able to anticipate that its communication equipment will last for years.

In developing such an effective and dependable telecommunications framework, Avaya IP Office utilizes exceptionally advanced technology and economical systems. By utilizing these systems, a business gets the advantages of cutting edge technology and completely functional systems to enable it to take care of the demand of its developing communication needs.

As indicated by the specialists, Avaya IP Office is an exceptionally affordable and reliable answer for the voice communication systems needs of each independent company. It has various elements and is appropriate for a business because of its highly adaptable interface. Clients utilizing Avaya IP Office systems are highly satisfied with its administrations and components. It has been demonstrated that the Avaya IP Office systems are around four times more dependable than different systems available on the market today.

Avaya IP Office systems are easy to understand and the system can be modified by the client’s inclinations inside a couple of minutes. Additionally, the business doesn’t have to continuously pay for updates to keep the system working appropriately.

Since each developing business needs a viable communication system, Avaya IP Office gives an office that can interface up to sixteen areas and keep up around 360 phones at one time. Furthermore, additionally, Avaya has been positioned as the producer of the best speaker telephones in the broadcast communications industry. Not at all like other speaker systems, Avaya’s system gives sound lucidity to up to two 64-party telephone calls.

Following are a few facts about the benefits of Avaya IP Office for small businesses:

  • Pocket Friendly
  • Avaya IP Office provides a feature that helps to scale around 1000 users through a single site without having to replace existing technology.
  • Can Be Collaborated in Real Time
  • It can be used to conduct a virtual video conference from mobile, desktop and room systems.
  • Optimized Customer Interaction Systems

Avaya IP Office gives a dependable and quick system enabling the client to track, record and report calls on a substantial scale. This encourages a business to react to its clients in a timely manner.

These are only a few of the features offered by Avaya IP Office. If you are a small business that is looking to grow, picking the Avaya IP Office telecommunication system can be your most logical option. If you are located in the Greater Vancouver Area / Lower Mainland – Call Datacom Solutions Ltd at 604-454-9977 to talk with one of our experts.

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